Eye Tracking Problems

Treatment for Eye Tracking Problems in Stoney Creek and Hamilton

If you have difficulty following words on a page, or if one of your kids is having unaccountable trouble with schoolwork, an eye tracking problem may be the cause. This inability to keep the eyes and brain working in unison can turn text and objects into a confusing blur. Fortunately, you can find the treatment you need for this disorder here at Eastgate Optometric Clinic.  Our optometrist can treat eye tracking problems in Stoney Creek and Hamilton residents.

How Eye Tracking Problems Affect Your Vision?

Eyesight is very much a collaborative process. Both eyes most be able to move together in a coordinated fashion so that the vision center of the brain can easily resolve the pair of images it receives into clear, crisp binocular vision. This coordinated motion is known as tracking. Eye tracking is an acquired fine motor skill supervised by the cerebellum. Unfortunately, even a small discrepancy between the eyes' motion can cause difficulties in resolving the paired images. To make matters more complicated, the eyes don't move in a smooth motion when following objects or reading text on a page. Instead, they move in short bursts of motion called saccades. If an eye tracking problem exists, these saccades may occur too sluggishly or unevenly. The result is blurred vision that can make reading difficult or impossible.

There are a few different eye teaming issues that can lead to eye tracking problems. These include:

  • Convergence insufficiency, in which the eyes are slightly turned outward from each other when reading
  • Convergence excess, in which the eyes turn slightly inward when reading
  • Problems involving the small focusing muscles in the eyes

Vision Therapy from Your Optometrist in Stoney Creek and Hamilton

Bring that suspected eye tracking problem to our team at Eastgate Optometric Clinic. Your optometrist in Stoney Creek can perform a careful eye exam that includes both eye health testing and eye function evaluations. Once we know the underlying cause of the eye tracking error, we can prescribe vision therapy to bring the problem under control. Vision therapy exrcises can help train the eyes and brain to coordinate with each other more successfully. These exercises may include eye movement practice, reading exercises, feedback techniques to refine tracking motions, and catching/throwing or other hand-to-eye coordination exercises.

Call Your Vision Therapist in Stoney Creek and Hamilton Today

Eye tracking is a skill, and skills can be taught. Trust the experts at Eastgate Optometric Clinic to resolve the eye tracking trouble in your family. 

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